El Sacramento

  1. Rioja

    The Rioja enjoys a favorable climate for producing fine wines and a variety of terroirs which provide complexity. Thanks to its spectacular location, El Sacramento offers the right balance for a great wine, which warrants our constant attention to detail.

  2. El Sacramento

    Situated on a promontory, it really is a unique geographical place and presents exceptional views on the surrounding areas. Located on the edge of a geological break, it is also a terroir, with a natural capacity to regulate the water supply of the vineyard’s root system.

    The soil at El Sacramento is composed of a silty clay-sand upper layer above a deeper sandy silty-clay layer. It is rich in organic material and limestone and has remarkable mineral balance.
    The wine is the unique expression of the terroir’s magical harmony.
    The actual vineyard was planted in 1986 in traditional bush vine system (here named “vaso”) with Tempranillo vines.