Description 2014


Color: intense red
Nose: clear, with strong berry tannins nicely structured by the wood which elegantly disappears
Palate: a sharp attack, well-balanced, and with a final note of freshness; the promise of great potential!


The vineyard was in good condition after the mild winter. Good weather conditions and high temperatures in June ensured homogenous flowering, which started on 7 June. The ensuing rains contributed to good grape development.

The relatively cool and humid weather in July lead to soil mineralization and nitrogen concentration in the vine stocks, which increase the risk of botrytis. As a result, considerable green harvesting, which hastens ripeness, was carried out in late August to eliminate this risk. Véraison began on 2 August and was 50% complete a week later.

Throughout September, which was hot, windy, and stormy, the sanitary state of the vineyard remained excellent. The harvest took place on 26 and 27 September and 2 and 3 October to ensure optimal grape maturity in each plot.

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