Description 2013


Color: garnet red with a good coat
Nose: frank and fruity, ripe black berries. Spicy tones of clove and black pepper, smokiness from noble wood, smooth.
Palate: ample, full-bodied, some notes of youth but with fine tannins… elegant!


This year, the spring was humid with late frosts and repeated disease outbreaks.
Flowering was later than usual (from 25 June to 1 July) and occurred when the vineyard was in vegetative growth.
As a result, the forming grapes were susceptible to shot berries.
Naturally, the well drained plots and more vigorous vine stocks showed better resistance to these conditions.
The hot and sunny summer, the small number of grapes, and the work carried out to homogenize the crop ensured good grape quality. The grapes were nevertheless fragile and the rains of early October facilitated the rapid spread of noble rot.
Grape selection at the winery after the harvest – which took place between 16 and 20 October – was significant.
The graciano resisted well and was in perfect condition. All the grapes from this plot were included in the final blend so this vintage contains 15% of this variety.
Our close attention to the vine over the entire growth cycle and the significant grape selection at the winery enabled us to present
a well-balanced, aromatically complex, and elegantly structured wine.

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