Description 2011


Color : deep ruby red, crystalline.
Nose : intense berry aromas, mature and spicy, melted in fine wooden elegance.
Palate : flavor full, full bodied, with freshness, and a long finish. The wine’s fruity character has a lovely persistence on the palate.
The wine is elegant and will benefit from two years to mature.


Flowering, which started on May 28, lasted longer than usual because of variable weather conditions. Mid-veraison occurred on August 10. The vineyard suffered in August and September which were exceptionally dry and hot, although we found no symptoms of stress on the leaves. The crop-load on each vine-stock was equalized during the summer by culling out the slow-ripening bunches. The right load – between 4 and 10 bunches – was left on each vine-stock: small and aerated bunches, well separated from each other. Important day/night temperature differences contributed to the phenolic maturation.

The harvest lasted three days: September 30th, October 1st and October 5th.

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