The Family

The Land

The Coat of Arms

  1. The Family

    Viñas Leizaola invested in El Sacramento in March 2011. Leizaola hails from the northern part of the Basque Country in the province of Gipuzkoa and is the owner’s – Etienne Cordonnier – mother’s maiden name. Etienne’s ambition is two-fold: to revisit his family roots and to offer a wine that lives up to the family’s history of brokering fine wines into the sophisticated Belgian market for three generations on his father’s side.

  2. The Land

    Ancient scripts on Laguardia mention a vineyard called El Sacramento, although it is not formally recorded on any land register. The name was supposedly assigned to one property, a finca, which today still carries this name.

    Until recent times, it was common for brotherhoods in the Rioja Alavesa to own land – usually inherited from earlier brothers – on which they produced various cereals or wine. Revenues from the sale of these products enabled the brotherhoods to support the poor and sick.

    In a document on the town of Laguardia, José Maria Garay del Campo indicated in 1967 that there used to be several brotherhoods, including Vera Cruz, Escuela de Cristo, San Antonio, Cofradia del Santísimo Sacramento, and others. Proceedings of brotherhood meetings indicate that it produced wine there from the mid 17th century onwards.

  3. The Coat of Arms

    " …their Coat of Arms is a shield divided per pale with on dexter, field of gules, a golden tower; on sinister, field of vert, a golden serpent. It is said that someone of this lineage, knowing that the serpent was causing much harm in its wake, took arms and fought and killed the serpent. This is why a claymore-wielding bust features over the shield, symbolizing this feat" Castilla Rey de Armas 1613